Àse (pronounced "ah-shay"; also spelled ashe) is an African term, which means  "the power to make things happen." Àse also means, “so be it”, “so it is”, “may it be so” “It is so right now” or “it definitely shall be so” “and so it is”.  Àse can also be used to express agreement or  "I give you power".   When we say Àse, we mean “and so it is” I affirm, I believe.

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Àse Yoga is an energy releasing restorative and self-healing practice.  Energy is the catalyst for healing and feeling good.  As such, Àse Yoga, uses a holistic approach to reconnect us to our energy source. We employ ancient, as well as proven wisdom  to reduce stress, reverse heart disease, strengthen immune system, calm our nervous system, increase flexibiliity, decrease pain so that we can live authetically. In offering a disitnctly personalize journey, Àse Yoga taps into an intuitive, powerful and transformative wisdom.


In life,  obstacles exist. Personal challenges, finances, dis-ease, stressor, abuse, changes in life, grief, anger, fear, lifestyle choices,  toxic relationships, addictions, traumas, earlier childhood experiences, past life circumstances, our thoughts and of course health can obstruct our ability to live fully. Unfortunately, what we don't realize is that these conditions block our life , prana, energy, chi, vital force or Àse. 

When that happens, we often speak of surviving rather than living, trying instead of doing, can't instead of can, stress instead of peace, sickness instead of health. Unfortunately, over the years, we accept this as a way of existing until we wake-up.

The Àse Awakening

At the Àse Yoga studio, we've discovered that the formula for wellness, peace of mind and harmony lies within our ability understand our experiences, to understand the source of our pain and to understand who we are.  

Àse Yoga awakens us to the enormous potential we have to transform our lives. By practicing Àse Yoga, we synchronize our poses with rhythms and vibrations to comfortably move our bodies to enliven the energy within our cellular body, we learn how to breathe, we eat to nurture and nourish our cells, we connect with our creative energy for a journey into self-healing, self-awareness and self-actualization. In essence, we infuse ourselves with spirit to achieve the full expression of Àse. 

Àse Yoga Levels

Often, people ask about the levels. Our philosophy, is that yoga being the union of the mind, body and spirit; the union of lower energy with higher energy, the healing of the body, mind and spirit, cannot be relegated to a beginning, intermediate or advanced levels. Instead, yoga is a journey into living in the present moment, to obtaining freedom and experiencing peace. Levels, certifications, degrees, poses do not inform our practice. But rather the ability to live with purpose, to transform and to experience balance.

Our practice ,which works from the inside out has attracted hundreds of people who've felt unwelcomed in performance oriented yoga studios. Often in those enviroments, we feel a temporary relief, but  not a transformation. One reason may be because we're not mindful of what we need, what we doing or why we're doing it. Instead we're simply following a script. Àse Yoga believes that mindfulness and bring present supports the healing of our body, mind and spirit. 

We humbly ask you to enjoy being where you are, enjoy your life and let-go of this hiearchial mentality of yoga since we're all beginners. Besides, just because a person can get into an intricate pose, does not denote enlightement. So relax, breathe in deeply and slowly, and open yourself to the power of the Àse , and like the lotus, observe yourself blossoming. 

Joy, Happiness and Wellness Awaits You...



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